Every pair a trophy.


Protecting our planet and being more eco-friendly is more critical now than ever. At BOXXCO, we are taking steps to ensure that the products we create are sustainable and not only good for us but the environment too. For us, it's about creating the highest quality premium acrylic boxes that have the least impact on the world's ecosystem. And we achieve this by only using 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials.

We choose to make a difference by helping get the plastic out of our oceans and landfill, turning them into a new and purposeful product. By using Greencast, we are only using recycled acrylic, which also means using less CO2 and water for manufacture - making our boxes the best choice for your shoe storage solution.

The material we use for our clear shoe boxes is fully recyclable within an entirely closed-loop system, manufacturing it into new sheets of the Greencast acrylic.

Greencast acrylic by no way means that we are sacrificing on quality. The material fabricates and performs as good as the standard non-recycled acrylic. Available as clear or coloured-clear so that your shoebox can suit your style and home. We thought it also worth mentioning that it is UV protected so won't damage or fade from sun rays.

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