Every pair a trophy.

Our Story

Established in 2016, BOXXCO prides itself with offering the best footwear products which have been designed to precision. Our main goal is to create premium and functional products for everyone across the globe. We want to create a community for footwear essentials, all our products can be found in our online shop.

BOXXCO was founded by footwear enthusiasts, who have an unconditional passion for all types of footwear silhouettes. We realise that one thing everyone has in common, no matter where you're from, is that everyone has to own, wear and store footwear. But for some of us, and we're guessing you too, our footwear is not only a necessity, it's a love, passion, hobby and desire! Today, those of us with 'that special connection' wear and display our footwear as if they're trophies.......after all, EVERY PAIR IS A TROPHY! Protecting these trophies and displaying them safely in our homes or place of work became our mission and, after gaining retail experience, where we saw how our footwear was championed and presented before purchase, the idea for BOXXCO was born as well as the product as you now see it today, the Original Box. Now every pair truly can be a trophy and this is only the beginning of our story. We hope you'll stay with us as we grow and develop our range over years to come. This after all is only the beginning................................

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